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    Collection of songs recorded March 2011.
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released April 5, 2011

nico - mumbling, instruments, recording


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Places Atlanta

Atlanta band. We really like shimmer and ice.

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Track Name: Distinguished Critter
open up your eyes
Track Name: Black Lion
the black lion walks in the room proud
he glances intently through the crowd
looking up and then

i've got a chance to make it right
shut the door think twice
is it all we've ever expected from you?

the black lion looks at me
i am a pretty boy disease
expecting things to open up
i wonder just how he puts up

i'm a boy of fifteen
i am younger than i seem

the black lion deserves respect
look out for what he gets
over and over again
i inspect the lion
he's all we've got
what a way to start the day
have a seat hear what i say
you're the one who invited me in
there's no need for all this yelling

i can't stand it

sorry for the good news
i guess you don't like the truth

you can't stand it
Track Name: Miracle Of Youth
it's the miracle of youth
to do what we want to do
it's a time for us to be
exactly what we should be
Track Name: Blond Hair
i was fooled by the locks of your blond hair
i was tricked by the curls of your red hair
i was fooled by the locks of your brown hair
i was trapped by the hopes of redemption

we tried to be friends
but hearts are a funny thing
they see what they wanna see
we tried to make amends
but people never change
unlike the color of your mane

i was fooled by the locks of your blond hair
Track Name: Electronic Music
always hear it in the middle of the darkened night
hear it blastin from the cars as they roll down the street right
shakin our windows as they're passin by
wakin up the neighbors like they got a right

some thought it was just a middle school phase
walking to class dancin in the hallways
with those earbuds in i knew i'd be safe
if it weren't for that music i wouldn't be saved

that electronic music

it would soundtrack the pitiful excuse i called my life
i'd think i was cool cause the beats felt outta sight
but really i was just a kid trying to get by
we all do things we don't understand the reasons why

i know that i was probably a little strange
nostalgia had more than enough to do with my taste
now here i am trying to be all big and tall
electronic music is the reason i'm anything at all
Track Name: Dog Day Afternoon
it's a brand new day
i've got nothing to play
and no one to blame
today'll be great

it's a brand new day
i've got nothin to say
hold my hand and pray
today'll be great

it's a brand new day
Track Name: So Tired (Mood Version)
i'm so tired
i can't sleep and i can't eat
knowing you have left me too

i'm so tired
there's no excuse to hide the truth
the more they're said
those lies are spread
in my head

i'm so tired

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