Cough Cough

by Places

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recorded Dec. '10 while battling a nasty cough and a case of the sniffles


released January 1, 2011

instruments/sick singing/slightly healthy singing/religious imagery/coughing - nico
tapes - nico/paige/alex/michelle/drew/costa rica

excerpt from "Step on the Cracks" - written/performed by Chu Feng (

photo of cameron's gnar - Paige Hanserd (



all rights reserved


Places Atlanta

Atlanta band. We really like shimmer and ice.

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Track Name: Gentleman's Gentleman
i want to be your friend
just a step below holding hands
well i could learn a lot about you
and that's ann i want to do
meet people from your past
share a meal, share a laugh
spend the night and sleep in separate beds
i want to be a gentleman's gentleman

everyone's out to get laid
but i want to be proud of the choices i make
well yeah i want to show respect
i want to be a gentleman's gentleman
i won't kiss
i won't touch
i won't let my emotions get the best of us
Track Name: Intellectual Lover
i'm an intellectual lover
reading under the covers
storing up in the winter
so i'll be ready for summer
intellectual lover
and i'm thinking of you

i've been forming my plan
to make you my man
i'll be trying to impress
with jean-luc godard's breathless
intellectual lover
and i'm thinking of you

you've suppressed
what's been on your chest
give your body some rest
and use your mind to express
that you're an intellectual lover
and you're thinking of me.
Track Name: I Think My Ears Are Breeding
sick as a dog
moist and soft
i can feel my lungs rot
i've been written off

bed stuck
checking my symptoms and reading up
can't bear to swallow what's in this cup
let's just give up

kiss on the cheek
forget the burning when i breathe
can't speak
if you want to could you cure me please

cold hands
unwrapping my medicine
sometimes it feels like sin
is an infection
Track Name: Heart Breaker
stop please
could ya give me some space to breathe?
every day i need
a moment to hear you say

that you won't break my heart
i wonder if you'll break my heart again

go and think
about what you did to me
and maybe then you'll feel
some kind of emotion that's real
take me back
how can i take what i haven't left?
i thought we were still a thing
but maybe now i should rethink

why can i see
our relationship flashing before me?
is the end near?
or am i just insecure?
scared to be left again
by a wolf in sheep's clothing?
i couldn't bear that scar
i've just come too far

so i broke your heart (instead).
Track Name: When The World Falls Apart
i've got nothin left to give
my faith was shaken my missing rib
i've got plenty to do in the work of the lord
i've got things to love and things to abhor
i had my chance and you had yours
i've seen a man lifeless on the floor
as he breathed his last breath he brought me in close
and the things he said were straight from the book
as he lay dead, his body was broke
no soul to live on, no puff of smoke
as a flame at wicks end, that man was gone
remembering his promise, it won't be long
so until that day i won't be bored
i've got plenty to do in the work of the lord
i hope you make it truth be told
seek forgiveness, forget this world

so don't look for me when the world falls apart
i'm not the one who can read your heart.